Biography of Dr. Enayatullah Babur Farahmand

Dr. Enayatullah Babur FarahmandDr. Enayatullah Babur Farhmand was born in the northern city of Shebeghan. He finished his primary, secondary and high school in Sheberghan city with the highest scores and success.

In 1996, Dr. Farahmand successfully passed the Kankor exam (National University entry exam) and was admitted to Medical Faculty of Balkh University. During his student years at Balkh University, he also worked as a dormitory teacher to Afghan-Turk high school in order to be financially self-sufficient and be able to support his family. In the final year of his studies, Dr. Farahmand joined BBC Uzbek Service and continued to work as a journalist for many years after his graduation from the University. Dr. Farahmand worked with BBC Uzbek Service as Chief correspondent, Producer, and reporter for 7 years in Kabul, Mazar-e Sharif, and Shebeghan. Besides his work as a journalist, Dr. Farhmand was involved in cultural activities and had a lot of achievements such as: - Establishing of the first Uzbek language newspaper of Bilgi- Establishing of Kuprik charity Foundation - Establishing of private dormitory and language center for Sheberghan students - Holding Symposiums of great writer and poetry Alisher Navoiy and professor Ghulam Mohammad `Maimanagi - He was a member of second Bon conference on Afghanistan - He participated to International Visitors Leadership Program, to the USA.

In 2010, Dr. Farahmand took part in Parliamentarian election campaigns as a candidate from the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan (NIMA). As a result, among the 49 candidates, Dr. Farmhand won the election and became a Member of Parliament from Jawzjan Province. Being a young MP, Dr. Farahmand worked as an active member of Health, Youths, Sport, and labor commission, and later he was elected as the head of the mentioned commission of the Parliament. Besides his work as a member of Afghanistan’s parliament since 2015, Dr. Farahmand worked as Chief of Staff for H.E. the First Vice-President of Afghanistan, Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum. In 2018 presidential elections Dr. Farahmand was nominated by (NIMA) for the 1st VP of Partnership and Stability team headed by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and he was able to successfully mobilize people in support of his team. After serious election disputes, which led to two simultaneous presidential inaugurations first time in the history of Afghanistan, Dr. Farahmand swore as First VP of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. Following the signing of the Political Agreement between Dr. Abdullah and Dr. Ghani, Dr. Farahmand has been appointed as First Deputy for the High Peace Council of Afghanistan, under Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s Chairmanship. Dr. Farahmand is married; he has four daughters and two sons.